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Your hosts, Valerie and Kevin Morin, have been coming to Seldovia for a long time with friends. They purchased The Bridgekeeper's Inn from their good friends, Claude and Kari Hulien. Claude and Kari built The Bridgekeeper's Inn and it is one of the newer bed and breakfast establishments in the city. Claude and Kari were also the instrumental in building the Rocky Ridge Trail, a truly great trail to take for a hike up into the nearby mountains.

Valerie and Kevin are gracious hosts and you will feel welcome and comfortable in their Seldovia bed and breakfast. Valerie and Kevin are residents of Kenai, Alaska, but hold properties in Seldovia. You will appreciate your hostess, Valerie, with her calm, capable and pleasant personalty which will make your stay at the Bridgekeeper's Inn a very memorable experience. Plus, you can watch the King Salmon fished out of the Slough from your bedroom!

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Phone: 907-234-7535 Seldovia
Phone: 907-283-7403 Kenai

About Our Name:
The Inn was built on the lot on which the keeper of the key to the lifts for the log drawn bridge resided. Thus, our name, The Bridgekeeper's Inn.

Our Story:
Our dream of a summer home in Seldovia began on July 4 th, 1999. It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day. As we came up the Slough , there was this cute little house built on pilings and the Siren’s Song of Seldovia called to my heart and I said, “I want one of those.”

Kevin and I purchased lots overlooking the Slough and moved a trailer onto the property the summer of 2001.

During these two years, our friends, Claude and Kari Hulien were in the process of building The Bridgekeeper’s Inn, which opened in 2001.

The Hulien’s asked if I would help them that summer for a couple of weeks. I said yes and enjoyed the guests, the breakfast preparation, and watching the excitement that catching a salmon from the Seldovia Bridge creates. I was hooked.

Now, four years later, we find ourselves owners of this beautiful, comfortable home away from home.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. If there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable, please let me know.